Server Management  &  Outsourced Support Solutions

Our server management, dedicated staffing and outsourced support solutions enable our valued clients to leverage the latest technologies and the best in quality support.

Server Management

Linux server management is the key service that ITBM provides. We guarantee our clients high-quality technical services, remote server management, migration services, etc.

Boost Performance

We are skilled in server optimization for better performance. ITBM stuff implements their best practice for making the server run faster.


ITBM helps clients to monitor their servers, receive alerts, detect issues early and solve them before doing any harm. We keep our customers’ servers up and healthy 24/7.

We have cool


We deliver the technology, integration, training & support needed to succeed with production-grade clouds. More customers rely on ITBM than anyone else to scale out OpenStack without vendor lock-in.

Network Security – Defends your network
Mail Security – Filters all your email traffic
Web Security – Controls employee web access
Consulting – Test your network and application.


Our DevOps leverages collaboration, monitoring, automation and Cloud adoption. We ensure rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipeline facilitating continuous integration across leading cloud platforms.



 ITBM company`s team has a long-time experience in outsource and hosting solutions area, we provide complex services to support your projects and to improve company’s infrastructure.

- IaaS,PaaS,SaaS Cloud platforms Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud or OpenStack and Hadoop solution on a turn-key basis on your  hardware.
- Proactive monitoring of your servers, infrastructure and services 24/7.
- Integration of various technical solutions into existing products.
- Project architecture development.
- Network and servers equipment setup for collocation services.
- Openstack and Hadoop solutions on a turn-key basis.

We can also provide you with different kind of consultations and will help you to purchase domains and SSL certificates only from reliable companies. Always consulting you in search of data center or hosting service that will satisfy your requirements. 
Our team is able to help you  to choose architecture solutions for your project.    We help our clients reach their goals and grow their businesses. We believe small businesses deserve the big support that large corporations take for granted. That's why we use the most advanced technologies to create fast and stable server infrastructures for our clients at a reduced cost.